Logs 2 Lumber

The Milling Process

The Basic process

1) The logs being processed are stacked in a pile on top of a couple of smaller logs creating a Log Deck

2) The mill is set up next to the log deck (approx 30minutes setup time) and the logs are loaded using the hydraulic arms onto the mill with minimal effort.

3) Each log is then cut to desired size and specification with waste material being discarded into a pile and processed lumber being fillet stacked if required. If stacking is to be undertaken by the customer then please refer to the advice section on how to properly stack timber for drying.

4) Lumber can also be stacked directly onto a trailer if needed.

5) There are a variety of factors which influence how long it takes to process a single log, but generally takes from 20 minutes to an hour.

Milling different types of timber

The milling process will vary depending on two main factors
- The type of timber used
- The size and specifications required for the end product.

For example if the end use is for cabinetry or fine furniture the log will be milled with appearance of the end product in mind and therefore will take longer and reduce the amount of recovered lumber.

Most Eucalypt species have a lot of stress in their logs so in order to recover straight and stable lumber it often requires more effort by using a process known as quarter sawing. However, the end result is more stable and attractive lumber.