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Our Equipment

For those that love equipment!

We currently operate a Woodmizer LT-40 Super Hydraulic band saw mill.

This unit is powered by a 43hp Diesel engine (tons of power for a band saw!) and has a de-barker onboard to clean muck and bark in front of the cut which prolongs the life of the band saw blade. We also run computerised 'setworks' for computer controlled accuracy.

The hydraulics operate the loading, clamping and log turning features on the woodmizer and also operate toe boards which level out logs for optimizing wood return.

We also have a re-saw attachment should we need to re-saw cants (squared timber) or old beams into different sizes.

These mills have a thin-kerf, meaning that they make less sawdust out of your timber, in fact up to 30% less.

We run Woodmizer blades thatwe sharpen and set ourselves with our own CBN sharpener which allows us to control cost and quality.

Maximum log size is 910mm wide but it can be pushed to around 1m. If you want a slab with a live edge on both sides 800mm is around the limit.

Standard bed length allows for a maximum of 6.1 metre logs

These mills are great for large continous production on timber around the 300mm-700mm width(rated at approximately 1.4cubic metres per hour). However for large trees approximately 1m+ in width the log would either have to be split (with a chainsaw or similar) or a swing mill used that can setup over the log. We can help find the right mill /person for these jobs.

We use and love Stihl Chainsaws also!