Logs 2 Lumber

Why Mill?

Often the most common milling work is done on species that are sought after for use in wood working areas i.e. speciality cabinetry. However milling is also suitable for common tree species such as Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus instead of cutting it down for chips or firewood.

So if you have a special type of tree that dies, gets blown over or needs removeal perhaps have something made from it.

In the past 20 years there has been a lot more planting of trees such as eucalypts and plantation grown Macrocarpa, while these timbers haven't reached a critical level to gain recognition by large timber mills there is no doubt some of this timber is useful and beautiful wood. Value can be obtained for these products by either selling the logs to someone who will make use of them (we sometimes buy logs to process) or turning them into a higher valued product to sell.

There are many reasons why you might wish to have some timber sawn.There has been a shift in thinking with the local grown (why ship raw product overseas) and sustainable use market, with untreated timbers for use in gardens gaining popularity due to the absence of chemical leeching from the natural rough-sawn timber.

If you were thinking of building a log cabin or a heavy timber frame house/structure you most likely have your own timber and will need it cut to some large dimensions. Here is a perfect opportunity for portable milling to avoid paying for freight with the added bonus you know what you're getting and where it's coming from.