The Pricing

Even if you might only have a seemingly small job let us know the details as sometimes we may be able to join several jobs together in an area to make it more cost effective for you.

Pricing can vary a little depending on the work being undertaken.

$80 per hour including GST of machine running.
$40 per hour including GST for edger.
Milling can be completed on a log share basis - contact for more details.


Logs contaminated with foreign objects like nails, that come into contact with the blades will cost $25 for a strike and $60 if the blade is written off.

Per hour rate is the mill including sawyer (operator); it is recommended that at least one person is available to assist.

If extra labour is required this can often be arranged.

Travel is free within 50km of home base (Redwood Valley) after that its $1 per kilometre.


The mill is capable of producing up to 1.4 cubic metres of timber per hour BUT would require one fit person 'tailing' (preferably two). This entails moving logs/cut timber and stacking it.

Training would be given at the start of any job.